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One of the most effective ways to learn is to experience how project takes place. Involvement is a key to gain knowledge. Volunteering is one and an effective way to acquire information which can be both beneficial and fun.
It is because of the great effort, brilliant minds and creative thoughts of our volunteers that will make this conference a big success. Thank you for your commitment on this event.

Roles of a Volunteer

Volunteers are expected to demonstrate high level of professionalism and to conduct themselves morally and ethically in all their dealings during the entire conference period. It is important to us that our volunteers are trustworthy and reliable at all times.

In order to build a strong team that will help us accomplish our objectives, we have created a list of areas for volunteers to be involved with. Volunteers will have a proper training solution, free registration and a certificate.

The following areas are:

1. Innovate new ideas, searching, brainstorming and exploring.
2. Anticipate difficulties and problem with planning alternative options. Drill plan A and B.
3. Plan to Manage and run a seamless and secure conference registration for both individuals and exhibitors if applicable.
4. Create a well-balanced and high-quality conference’s scientific and social programs and activities.
5. Data Collection and Analysis.
6. Act as an adviser and guide to participants’ needs throughout the conference.
7. Assist in scheduling meeting rooms.
8. Ensure the safety and security of the participants and the conference as a whole.
9. Maintain peace and order during conference.
10. Facilitate in technical needs such as audio-visual, IT, transportation
11. Document FUTURE plan

Volunteers will also get evaluated by their performance, attendance, behavior, skills and uniform.


  • Training
  • Free Registration
  • Certificate

How to become a volunteer?

Qualifications: Must be a medical student, Audiology students, Nursing students and other interested professionals with experience in Medical Conference.
Skills : Bilingual, committed, a desire to help and willingness to work as a team, reliable, punctual, with respect to others, understands and practice confidentiality and always shows diversity and equality.

Please note that first 20 applicants are the priority. Other applicants will be in the waiting list.

Conference Details:
Name of Event: Arab Cochlear Implants Conference
Date : April 5 - 7, 2018

Last day of submission : 20th February 2018

If interested, please submit the following requirements to [email protected] :

  • CV and 2x2 or passport size photo
  • Certificates
  • Letter from your university as reference and authorizing you to become a volunteer and attend the conference.

(All requirements are compulsory)