Mobile and Internet Provider

Dubai’s mobile providers Du and Etisalat operate on a GSM network. Both networks offer contract prepaid services and pay-as-you-go plans in a wide range of packages.

You can visit the operator’s office, business center or an authorized reseller to set up a contract arrangement with them. Passport and residency visa are needed.

For travellers, the best and cheapest way is to get a prepaid SIM card (Wasel), where you can buy online, at the provider’s office or retailer’s outlets. For a 165 AED registration, you can start with a credit of 10 AED. Just ask the reseller to activate the SIM card of your mobile phone immediately as this has to be done within an hour of purchase.





Etisalat: 30 fils/minute (mobile calls)

Du: charges per second (cheaper for short calls made)

Incoming calls are free unless you receive a call abroad (international roaming fees).

SMS to local numbers cost 18 fils per message, but outgoing messages to foreign numbers can cost as much as 60 fils per message.


Etisalat has various payment arrangements. You can set up a direct debit, pay at the automated machines, or pay by cash at Etisalat offices.

Prepaid SIM cards can be recharged with an e-Voucher which is now replacing the traditional scratch cards  (so-called Wasel recharge cards). Wasel cards are available at tobacco shops, magazine stands, or shops displaying the Wasel logo.

Du also offers number of ways in paying your bills. You can pay directly at their shops, at Cash Deposit Machines, by cheques or via bank transfers, and you have the option to register your credit card at Du to allow automatic payment.