Dubai (UAE) has overall conservative dress traditions. Men and women should ensure knees and shoulders are covered when in public.

It is a cosmopolitan city where it is not unusual to see all types of clothing styles coexisting in harmony. Nonetheless, it is important to dress modestly, especially for women. The dress code for men typically includes long and fluid white cotton robes known as a dishdasha or gandourah. Gandourah is a traditional garment based on religious beliefs. It is ideal for wearing during heat waves; however, a thicker, warmer and darker variant can also be worn during winter. camel-UAE-dubaiThe dress code for women is similar to that of men. Women also wear a Gandourah. However, the details and colours of the gandourah are generally more refined than male gandourah. Women also wear a veil and cover their hair. This is seen as a sign of modesty and submission to God. 





Conference Attire

It is important that all attendees of this conference must dress professionally and appropriately. Business attire is recommended. Although the most liberal of all emirates, Dubai still follows a silent and assumed dress code that adheres to mild conservatism.

Business suits for men and formal office wear like jackets & trousers for women is essential as covered arms and legs are termed as appropriate. Women should dress conservatively refraining from short skirts and low necklines. Also, refrain from using too much perfume as you are exposed to people and we may not want to be the cause of other person’s allergy.