Dubai Public Transportation

There are various means of getting around the city of Dubai. People are still using the traditional transportation like camels and abras (small motorboats).  But the common ones are taxis, bus, metro, tram, water bus and water taxi.



Taxi system in Dubai is the most frequent and popular means of transportation. Both government-operated and private taxis are available in the city. The government operated, a cream-colored taxi, while the private cabs are Cars Taxi, Metro Taxi and National Taxis. They are all at public places in Dubai or you may book them in advance.

For women who prefers to have lady drivers, you may book the pink taxis. Registered taxis have a standard Taxi sign on the roof and an easy-to-read meter on the dash board.



Careem and Uber have grown substantially in middle east, both are often less expensive than traditional taxi services. Via your smartphone you download the app, input credit card information or connect the application to PayPal, and start riding. When you need a cab, simply send out a call through the app and the driver will note your location through the GPS and map, or you can select a specific point to meet.

The charge is based on both distance and time, like a taxi meter, and a receipt will be sent to your email once the journey is over, charging your credit card. Drivers are also subject to users’ ratings, so if you receive bad service there is, in theory, more accountability than with a taxi off the street.


If you want modern and comfortable transportation, choose the Metro. Make sure to purchase the Nol Card before taking Metro. There are different cards available depending on your needs.

There are special cabins for women and childrenAPART  from the gold and silver class.

Nol Card Categories:

Red – For a maximum of 10 trips for one mode of transportation only.

Blue – Personalized card recommended for frequent travelers

Silver – An Anonymous Card ideal for visitors and occasional travelers

Gold – An Anonymous card with a privilege access to Metro’s gold class seats.


The public bus in Dubai is large and advanced, operated by the Roads and Transport Authority. Nol card are also used to pay your ride in the bus public transportation.


Trams in Dubai is the first modern application of trams in the Gulf region.


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