Program Overview

Join us at our exclusive two-day program! Immerse yourself in a diverse range of lectures, workshops, and networking sessions, spanning a broad spectrum of topics. The conference aim to consolidate social relations between Arab women physicians and to enhance medical education and training to promote gender equity and improve care.

Education Content Themes
  • Women in Medicine, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Women Physicians as Scholars
  • Essential Skills for Providing Quality Health Care
  • Family Medicine and Community Empowerment
  • Financial Growth and Security for Women Physicians
  • Women in Medical Specialties
  • Women’s Health and Cancer Prevention Programs
  • Mental Health
  • Violence and Healing
  • Legal and Moral Zone
  • Building a Life-Long Career
  • CV Writing

The conference has been accredited by the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS). Accreditation under process.

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Education Delivery Formats
  • Plenary Lectures
  • Breakout Workshop
  • Debate
  • Panel Discussions
  • Networking Opportunities
Education Delivery Formats
  • Healthcare professionals working in Medical Specialize
  • Family physicians/GPs
  • Fellows and Students