Medical Emergencies

In case of medical emergency, follow these tips:

  • In case the emergency was indoor (an apartment or a house), clear the path to the injured; move furniture and unlock doors, have someone wait for the ambulance if possible and have the elevator ready, and turn on the outside lights at night.
  • Do not move the patient unless his/her life is threatened by external factors, such as fire, falling debris or electricity. If you must move an unconscious person, first stabilise the neck and back, then call for help immediately.
  • Check if the victim is conscious and do not try to feed liquids to an unconscious person.
  • Check if the victim is breathing; if not, carefully position for artificial respiration, clear the airway, and commence mouth-to-mouth cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • If you found injuries and bleeding, wash your hands, if possible, before and after to avoid infection, lay the person down to reduce the chances of fainting caused by increased blood flow to the brain, and press with a sterile bandage or a clean cloth and maintain pressure until the bleeding stops.

Fire Emergencies:

  • Pull the nearest fire alarm.
  • Call the fires service at 997.
  • Provide all needed information while remaining calm.
  • Do not jump from high places.
  • If there is smoke in the air, stay low to the ground, especially your head, to reduce inhalation exposure and crawl to the nearest exit.
  • Evacuate the place using stairs and not electric elevators.

Car Accidents:

  • Call the police at 999.
  • Call the ambulance at 998 in case of injuries.
  • Inform the operator about the location and if there is a need for an ambulance.
  • Provide correct data to ensure quick arrival of help.
  • If the accident is not serious, move the vehicle away from traffic.
  • If a person gets accidentally locked inside a car, call the police at 999. In case of car break down, call 800 72233.
  • 800 72233 (Car breakdown assistance)

Marine Accidents:

  • Call the Coastguard at 996.
  • If a person has fallen overboard, stop the engines of the boat and get as close as possible.
  • Throw the life raft or rescue rope to the person fallen overboard.
  • Send a distress signal through the VHF machine.
  • 996 (Coast Guard)