The 3rd Arab Cochlear Implant Conference in Abdu Dhabi is a much awaited conference for the year 2024. Our colleagues from different countries, reputable surgeons, and representatives from the fields of Audiology, Otology, and Speech & Communication will be attending the event.

This is your opportunity to exhibit and expose your brands to a worldwide audience of buyers. This is also the time to broaden your network by meeting prospective clients and discover competitors.

Below are the websites of our listed exhibitors. You may visit their website for more detailed information about their companies.


*Venue represents that it has the facilities, personnel, and expertise necessary to provide such accommodations, meeting space, catering and/or services for the events.

*Provider represents society services for events to be held from time to time and requests organization, accommodations, meeting spaces.

*Professional conference organizer (PCO) represents a company which specializes in the organization and management of conferences.

  • The PCO has scheduled the conference to be held at the venue, and the venue has agreed to provide the services. The Sponsors and Exhibitors should be aware of all the Terms and Conditions and are responsible for complying with all the requirements and regulations in this page.
  • Purchase of conference exhibition serves as legal consent and acknowledgment of the rules of conduct in this page, this including but not limited to, late or on site exhibition, independent of knowledge.
  • Application for booth space is subject to availability of space and booth. PCO reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject any application without giving any reason.
  • Selection of location, downloading, entrance, assembling, dismantling and all privileges will be given according to the level of sponsorship and class of exhibition. In case of equal sponsorship or exhibition, it’s strictly “first come, first served”.
  • Sponsorship and exhibition rates are confirmed on a net and non-commissionable basis.
  • Rooms, conference facilities, event space and exhibitions will be available as per the agreement. Extensions for early arrival or late departure must be agreed with the venue and a supplementary charge may be applied. The venue reserves the right to reject requests for late departures.
  • Venue/Provider/PCO do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibition or display material, and therefore would recommend the service of dedicated static security be arranged.
  • The Exhibitors shall be liable for malfunctions of or damage to the venue’s technical facilities caused by the use of the exhibitor’s electrical systems and equipment, to the extent that the venue is not at fault.
  • The Venue/Provider/PCO does not accept any liability for the cancellation or delay of the event or failure to provide any of the agreed services which is caused by an occurrence or circumstance beyond the control of The Venue/Provider/PCO, including (but not limited to) industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, fire evacuation alarm, decrees of Government, or disruption of utility services and the foregoing, shall not give rise to any claim for compensation or damages.
  • Venue will not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors, or ceilings with nails, staples, or tape of any kind. If this is done without authorization and damage is suffered, the cost of repair and/or replacement will be billed to the Sponsors/Exhibitors as well as the consequent loss of business resulting from this damage.
  • Exhibitors hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Venue, PCO and Provider their servant and agents (“those parties”) against all claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs, disbursements, and other liabilities which may accrue against or be suffered by “those parties” as a result of death or injury of any person, the damage, loss or destruction of any property, breach of any law or civil action brought against “those parties” arising out of or in connection with the performance of the services aforementioned or the actions of Exhibitor and its servants and agents.
  • All the materials are deposited with the conference at the sole risk of the owner.
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the function and shall ensure that nothing shall be done which will constitute a breach of the law or in any way cause a nuisance.
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors shall obtain and maintain all licenses, permits, approvals or consents necessary or desirable in connection with the performance of the function with respect to special requirements outside of normal venue operations.
  • Venue/Provider/PCO reserves the right to approve all signage and decorations within its premises. Signs are not permitted on guest-room levels, elevators, main lobby areas of the hotel, or on the exterior of the building.Venue arranges for periodic internal and external inspections to ensure hazards are identified and removed or control measures implemented. All displays or exhibits must conform to the venue and government ordinance rules.
  • The Venue/Provider/PCO reserves the right to monitor sound levels, conduct, dress code and stage set of all and anyone hired directly by or on behalf of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitor will be fully responsible for the actions of outside contractor.
  • Venue follows the Guidelines in line with food hygiene regulations and receives inspection from local authority officials. No food and beverage may be brought into the venue for consumption or sale on the premises without the express written consent of the Venue.
  • Venue has emergency exits, backup designated lighting and power to key systems and equipment that should be well respected.
  • No smoking is permitted inside the building in any area of the venue. There are smoking areas outside of the building which we ask are adhered to.
  • All displays must be confined to the assigned booth dimensions and should not obstruct the view or access to surrounding. All displays must be confined to the booth.
  • PCO reserves the right to alter locations of exhibits as shown on the official floor plan, if deemed advisable and in conference’s best interests.
  • Motorized vehicles may not be operated within the exhibit halls without prior written approval of venue.
  • Equipment with sharp or protruding edges posing a potential danger to attendees and/or exhibit personnel at whatever level must have protective covering and/or be flagged.
  • Overnight temperatures, humidity as well as electricity are not guaranteed, so please make sure your booth, equipment and others are safe.
  • The exhibitor agrees to accept full responsibility for compliance with government fire, safety and health ordinances regarding the installation and operation of equipment or otherwise relating to the exhibitor or his/her booth.
  • PCO will not tolerate the sale or distribution of any copyright violations or pirated materials at its conference.
  • The Venue/Provider/PCO shall not be under any liability if they are prevented from fulfilling our obligations under this contract due to an event beyond our control. Such events include but are not limited to: Acts of God, fires, War, Civil Unrest, riots, Acts of Terrorism, Pandemic, congestion of airports, the government of the country of origin of the visiting group issuing a formal warning advising against travel to the conference’s country as well as strikes or similar industrial action as well as any other circumstances of like character.
  • If either party agrees to waive its right to enforce any term of this Agreement, it does not waive its right to enforce any other terms of this Agreement.
  • The price of certain items may be increased without prior notification should circumstances deem it necessary. Clients will be informed immediately should this happen.
  • Specialized dietary requirements are subject to a surcharge.
  • Client shall be responsible for returning the venue to the state that it was provided to them.
  • All claims against Venue/Provider/PCO shall generally expire one week after the statutory commencement of the contract, independent of knowledge.
  • Venue/PCO/Provider may require exhibitors to prove that they are carrying on a bona fide business at any time.
  • No other party shall be allowed to use the Exhibitor’s defined foyer function space during the conference.
  • It is requested that materials should be collected within 8 hours of event’s conclusion. In the event that the materials deposited are not collected within 12 hours, the conference reserves the right to dispose of all remaining materials.
  • Any comment or complaint should be made at the venue at the time of the event so that the matter can be re solved immediately.
  • Due to safety and security reasons, dismantling or removing an exhibit or materials before the official closing of the conference is prohibited.
  • Should the number of guests exceed the guaranteed number; the actual number will be invoiced. Please note that exceeding the guaranteed number may affect the quality of service delivery and food quantity for your event. Our conference has the capability to host for a maximum of 20% more guests than confirmed. Again, the actual number of attendees will be charged.